Meet the team


Karla started Fiction Profits Academy in 2015 after years of earning 6 figures from publishing fiction novels. Karla has published 60+ novels on Amazon and has professionally critiqued 1000’s of books. Karla has a passion for helping others and loves teaching. Karla is now able to stay home and raise her son and work from anywhere.


Roy took Karla’s course in 2016 and went on to earn 2.3 million dollars publishing fiction novels. He has published 200+ books with 50+ top 100 Amazon Bestsellers, four top-5 bestsellers and 15 top-20 bestsellers. He now enjoys helping people reach their financial goals, hanging with family, and surfs and plays golf EVERY day.

Publishing Coach

Amy is a successful publisher thanks to FPA and is growing her publishing business while running her digital marketing agency. She has a lot of experience with online business and marketing, which she loves to share with others. She believes in the FPA process so much, she came on as a coach to support others in their publishing business journey.

Publishing Coach

Stella, coach in FPA's Bootcamp program, has mastered the FPA publishing process resulting in consistent five-figure monthly earnings within her first year. She is now able to work part-time from home with a flexible schedule. Passionate about sharing her knowledge and experience, she empowers and guides students toward their own publishing goals.

Publishing Coach

Jillienne, coach in FPA's Bootcamp program, has been writing and publishing in multiple romance genres since 2016. She attributes her success to the strong foundational support she received in FPA, combined with her specialty in Facebook advertising. Her passion is coaching authors and publishers how to scale their business to six figures, by using positive mindset and marketing strategies.

Nicole Luna
FPA Bootcamp Q&A Coach

Nicole Luna is one of the Bootcamp Q&A coaches, specializing in assisting students with their general questions about book publishing. Her goal is to help aspiring authors navigate the intricacies of the publishing industry efficiently and effectively, providing them with valuable insights and guidance along the way.

FPA Bootcamp Q&A Coach

Abby wears dozens of hats and loves them all. She began her career as a Customer Service Specialist and then branched out to Social Media and Reputation Management. She really enjoys being a mom, a coach, and an amateur at a whole lot of hobbies that don't get much of her time. Passionate about reading and communication, she is always ready with solutions and links. No wonder most students call her 'bestie'!

Community Leader

Daniel is a classical pianist, teacher, and father of two boys. While pursuing a Master's degree in Business Administration, he joined FPA in October 2023, becoming an Amazon bestselling author. With a passion for helping others, he became a coach to inspire and motivate others to achieve their publishing goals and guiding them through effective strategies to help students stay focused and overcome challenges.

Community Leader

Kandis is a mom of three boys and a healthcare administrator with a Master's in radiologic sciences. When she’s not decoding medical jargon, she immerses herself in romance novels. She craves the excitement of drama and conflict within the pages and not in the workplace. Helping others is Kandis's true calling, and she wields her secret weapon of support, encouragement, and a touch of tough love to empower students on their journey. Her mission is to ensure everyone conquers their fears.

Community Leader

Tara is an Amazon bestselling author and a homeschool mom of 11 with a passion for helping others learn and achieve freedom. Thanks to the FPA strategy, her first book hit the top 10 in multiple categories. She continues to publish her books happily from home while supporting and providing inspiring guidance for the new FPA students. She is creating a supportive and empowering space for all students.

Community Leader

Shauna is a mom of two and Law School grad who found she prefers writing romance novels to legal briefs. FPA has given her the freedom to work from home and be present for her family. Her empathetic nature and passion for building a supportive community help others realize their goals and pursue their dreams and achieve success in their writing endeavors.

Customer Success Agent

Rox is the Customer Success Agent of FPA. She helps our students navigate the program. She takes pride in answering all inquiries very fast to ensure that everyone in FPA is being taken care of. Rox's exceptional problem-solving skills and proactive approach ensure that every student's needs are met with efficiency and a personal touch.

Customer Success Agent

Ojie is a dedicated Messaging Specialist at FPA, specializing in assisting students throughout their program journey. With a strong commitment to providing exceptional support, He takes pride in his ability to swiftly address inquiries and ensure that every individual in FPA receives the utmost care and attention. His prompt and thorough responses contribute to a seamless experience for all students, enabling them to navigate the program with ease.

Revenue Retention Specialist

Talhah utilizes his expertise in customer engagement and retention strategies to optimize revenue outcomes. As a specialist, he combines his analytical mindset and innovative thinking to develop customized solutions that align with clients' unique needs. While excels in driving results and building strong client relationships, Talhah also finds solace in the great outdoors, shredding snow on mountains or on the courts shooting some hoops!


Whitney, a resident of Columbus, Ohio, and a mom of 2, made the decision to leave behind a career in corporate finance and pursue the world of writing copy, driven by her love for creativity and freedom. Inspired by the FPA program, she is currently working on her debut novel. Fueled by nothing but enthusiasm: Whitney's proud to share that she's made it through high school, college, corporate America, and motherhood all without ever tasting a drop of coffee.

Design Consultant

Dan was born in Redhill in the UK. He is presently writing a sci-fi thriller series The Standstill. These books follow the survivors of a temporal anomaly, hunted by a grisly alien entity, hellbent on ending all human life. Dan is known for his meticulous attention to detail, a true expert as an author and Design Consultant. Dan lives in South London with his wife, teenage daughters, a rescued lurcher, three cats, a parrot and gerbil sisters.

Student Success Specialist

Noorin's role at FPA is to ensure every student she speaks with is on the right path to success! She discovers where they're at in their journey and finds what each student is trying to achieve from the program to map out the best plan for them.  Noorin is also a dedicated trainer, utilizing her expertise to provide valuable guidance and support to both students and fellow colleagues.

Student Success Specialist

Krystal is a huge believer that with the correct mindset, everything is possible—except failure. And failure is not really failure, but success dressed up as opportunities for growth and leveling up. She genuinely cares for each and every student at FPA and loves to witness the huge impact and changes that happen when they really go after it. „It's the best feeling and program to be a part of ever“!

Student Success Specialist

Joey loves seeing people reach their full potential. It is a goal to make sure that students at FPA are pressing forward and living life to the fullest. He wants to be here to help make sure students stay on the correct path. Joey's genuine care and dedication create a supportive atmosphere at FPA, where students feel empowered to embrace their journey towards personal growth.

Student Success Specialist

Trevor’s role is in ensuring the setup and efficiency of Students' journey once they become a part of FPA. He is a lifestyle enthusiast that provides a positive perspective in life. His role as a Student Success Specialist consists in providing another level of support from the beginning of their journey and onward. Trevor strives in helping others achieve their goals!

Student Success Specialist

Joshua’s role is to help students reach their full potential with FPA. Joshua helps you figure out what motivates you and narrows down your goals. Joshua is here to maximize your time with FPA and help you become as efficient as possible. Joshua's expertise in goal-setting and efficiency optimization makes him an invaluable asset for students at FPA, ensuring their time is maximized.

Student Success Specialist

Justine believes in the power of a determined mindset, where failure is merely an opportunity for growth. With genuine care and unwavering dedication, Justine empowers FPA students to reach their full potential. As a Student Success Specialist, she provides comprehensive support, ensuring a seamless and comfortable journey from the start. With expertise in goal-setting and efficiency optimization, she maximizes your time with FPA, propelling you toward success.

Student Success Specialist

Lynn lives in Victoria BC and is a certified Coach training through Accomplishment Coaching and publisher of the book Woman Rise, Lynn is a proud mother of her son and a new puppy. As a Specialist, Lynn brings her expertise and compassionate approach to guide individuals toward their academic goals. When she’s not serving others to find clarity on the life they truly desire, you can find her searching for kayaking or hiking adventures.

Student Success Specialist

Navid's objective is to help FPA students overcome barriers to wake the dormant achiever found within the self. He is dedicated to empowering FPA students to reach their full potential. As a passionate Students Success Specialist, he is committed to helping students break through barriers and giving a wealth of experience to them. When Navid is not busy helping students, he enjoys trying out new restaurants and coffee shops.

Youtube Ads Creative Director

Nathan is the man behind the Ads on Youtube. As a Creative Director and Video Editor, he's created ads that have helped others find out about FPA. Nathan is known for his exceptional attention to detail and his ability to create captivating visuals that leave a lasting impression on viewers. He enjoys going for evening walks or cycling and making music.

Content Producer

Sahil is a visionary storyteller and filmmaker from India. With a lifelong passion for the creative realm, he has worked on major mainstream projects including 300, Godzilla, and Alice in Wonderland, among others. At FPA, his goal is to produce high-quality visual content that enhances the brand. In his downtime, Sahil enjoys skiing in British Columbia, camping in remote locations, and relaxing on secluded beaches in Maui with a refreshing Mai Tai in hand.

Video Editor

Wain is a passionate Video Editor and animator of FPA. He helps ensure that materials are visually appealing and students get an amazing experience going through the program. He also helps with marketing and ads— anything where videos and animations are needed. Wain is highly skilled in using various animation software and is always exploring new techniques to bring creativity and innovation to his work at FPA.

Marketing Tech Lead

Jessy brings a unique experience to the table as a results-driven Tech Lead in the FPA. With a strong background in business development and automation, Jessy is not only proficient in the technical aspects of the FPA but also possesses a perfect blend of expertise. He helps maintain a forward-thinking mindset within the team and identifies areas for improvement within FPA. Jessy's hobbies include coding, cars, and hiking—whatever is needed to achieve desired results.

Tech Expert

Moein is a member of the tech team who enjoys working with a variety of software. He is in charge of supporting the site and automation to ensure that all the customers have a great experience. Moein's expertise in troubleshooting technical issues and his dedication to providing exceptional customer support make him a valuable asset to the Tech Team at FPA.

Tech Expert

Arash, as a member of the Tech team, supports the site and automation. Additionally, he is in charge of providing support for all customer purchases. In short, Arash is responsible for ensuring everything runs smoothly. With a natural inclination for problem-solving, he enjoys simplifying tasks and has a passion for technology.